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I was talking to this guy on the train last week who told me he had an app that incorporates Facebook Chat, GChat, AIM, and SMS (and possibly. The tagline in my head was "connecting business with customers via messaging". I thought of many names like. Bizchat Bizlink Bizcon Bizhunt. Hannah Jane Parkinson picks the best apps for online chat. needed is a conversation name, which others then access by knowing the name.

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Misspelled words are a no-go. The Guardian back to top. You can also add annotations to images and files your team shares for direct feedback. Even so, can you tell what the app does just from its name? Because really, you'll be using the name in more than just a marketplace.


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Whether your team needs a dedicated chat app or a project tool that happens to include chat as well, there are more ways to talk to your team than ever before. Please keep comments respectful and abide by the community guidelines. So, if you wanted to chat to someone in every corner of the world, you could do. Chatbot Startup for Customer Service - names We're working on a startup that makes customer service more effective and efficient. From all-in-one apps that include tools for everything to more focused to-do apps that also have chat, here are some great apps with team chat tools:. T echnology has made it difficult in to be introverted or lazy. A key thing to remember is that different apps work best depending on who one wants to contact: Every conversation can be colored with a suitable theme. Health tech start up specialising in a seamless, visual, AI and Machine Learning driven Clinical Software Solution for Medical Practitioners and Patients. ChatWork is a social network for business chat. Ever guns and roses singles a Facebook-style network for your company? If you get your heart set on a name but the actual development of the app isn't very far along, remember that you can't squat on a name, according to Apple.